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What Will I Learn During Training

In our comprehensive “Lash Masterclass” training course, you’ll learn and master all the techniques needed to open your own professional eyelash extensions business!

Lash to Lash Extensions

Lash to Lash Extensions is a technique where individual synthetic or natural lashes are applied to each natural lash, creating a more natural and seamless look by adhering one extension to one natural lash for enhanced length and thickness. The goal is to achieve fuller, defined lashes that closely mimic the natural growth pattern.

Volume Lash Extensions & Russian Volume

Volume Lash Extensions or Russian Volume is a lash extension technique where multiple lightweight synthetic lashes are applied to one natural lash, creating a fuller and more dramatic look. This method allows for customizable lash density, ranging from subtle to bold styles.

Eyelash Extensions Removal

Eyelash Extensions Removal is the safe and professional process of taking off previously applied eyelash extensions. It involves using a specialized adhesive remover to dissolve the glue, ensuring gentle removal without causing harm to natural lashes.

Choose your eyelash extensions material

Selecting high-quality eyelash extension materials is vital for achieving lasting, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing results. Emphasize to clients that superior tools enhance both the visual appeal and overall satisfaction with their eyelash extensions. (Don’t worry, a free training kit is included in the program!)

Digital marketing eyelash extensions

In the eyelash extensions business, digital marketing is crucial for targeted outreach, brand visibility, and customer engagement. It enables precise audience targeting, analytics-driven strategies, and cost-effective promotions, contributing to business growth and success.

Take perfect pictures to promote your activity

In the eyelash extensions business, adept photography is vital for promoting services on platforms like Instagram. Striking visuals not only showcase the quality of work but also attract potential clients, build trust, and serve as a powerful marketing tool in a visually-driven industry.

free lash training kit

Join our training and get a FREE TRAINING KIT (regular value of 234€)

By joining our eyelash extension Masterclass, we offer you a complete training kit that will allow you to practice on a training head as well as to perform your first poses on a real model.

Classic Individual Lash
Eyelash Easy Fan
Mannequin Head
Practice Lashes
Eyelash Glue
Eyelash Remover
Silicone Forehead Sticker
Eyelash Tweezers
Glue Sticker
Five-point Practice Isolation Paper
Mascara Brushes
Micro Applicators Brushes
Glue Rings
Under Eye Patches Pads
Eyelash Tape
Eyelash Dryer Fan

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Our students review

Thank you to all our students, who give us such positive feedback every day about our eyelash training. It’s thanks to you that we’re making progress and that we’re motivated to keep going and going from strength to strength!

“I recently completed the LashMasterclass and I’m so happy with what I’ve learned! It’s given me the confidence to open my own lash salon and start my own business. The course was incredibly informative and I would highly recommend it!”


“I had a great experience taking the LashMasterclass course. It gave me a comprehensive understanding of how to do eyelash extensions correctly, as well as giving me lots of tips on running my own lash business. Highly recommended!”


“The LashMasterclass is an amazing training program that has enabled me to take my lash extension skills to the next level! Everything was explained in detail, with step-by-step instructions that made it easy for me to understand and master the technique.”


“I recently completed the LashMasterclass course and it has been an invaluable experience for me! Not only did I learn all about how to properly apply eyelash extensions but also got plenty of advice on setting up a successful lash business too.”


“The LashMasterclass is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning how to do professional eyelash extensions or open their own salon. All aspects of the course were covered in depth, making it easy for us students to understand each concept clearly.”


“LashMasterclass was such an amazing learning experience for me! Not only did I gain all the knowledge necessary for doing beautiful lashes but also some useful tips on how best to market myself when opening my own salon – something which will definitely be invaluable going forward!”


How does the training work?

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Join the class

Click on the button ” join the training ” and pay the registration fee.

It is possible to pay in one time, in 3 times without fees by credit card, by PayPal or by bank transfer.

You will then have direct access to our training platform.

step 2

Train yourself

Take our online courses, when and where you want to learn at your own pace, according to your schedule.

Our training will give you all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to achieve perfect eyelash extensions.

Practice on a mannequin and a live model until you have mastered the technique of eyelash extensions.

step 3

Receive your certification

Show us your achievements and our trainer will validate your training.

Then receive your certificate and start your lash services!

Mélanie, formatrice en microblading dermopigmentation

Hi, I’m Gloria, Professional Lash Artist and Beauty Enthusiast, and I’ll be your trainer!

A short story about Gloria

Gloria is an eyelash extensions trainer at Lash Masterclass, a beauty salon specialized in providing eyelash extension training courses. She is passionate about her work and has been teaching for over three years. With her expertise and vast experience, and after winning 2 world championships in eyelash extensions, she provides now the best education to her students so they can become certified lash technicians.

She always keeps up with the latest trends and techniques in the industry to ensure that she offers the most comprehensive and accurate training possible. Her dedication and commitment to providing quality instruction is reflected in every course she teaches. She takes great pride in giving her students detailed explanations of all aspects of lash extensions so that they can understand how each step works before performing them on their own clients.

Gloria also ensures that all safety protocols are followed during each class, as safety should always be a top priority when it comes to lash extensions. Her attention to detail makes sure that everyone gets proper guidance throughout the process of learning how to properly apply lash extensions safely and efficiently. Gloria creates a supportive environment for learning where questions are encouraged so that everyone feels comfortable asking questions about anything related to their course material or practice sessions.

Her passion for sharing her knowledge with others has made Lash Masterclass one of the leading eyelash extension training schools in the country today! With her commitment to excellence and professional approach towards teaching, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting top-notch education from an experienced instructor who truly cares about helping you become a successful certified technician!

Class Perks

Would you like to learn about eyelash extensions? Are you looking for a training program that’s right for you? At Lash Masterclass, we’ve been experts in this field for over 12 years.













What about Lash-Masterclass

What about Lash-Masterclass

Lash Masterclass is a beauty salon specializing in eyelash extension training and services. It offers both theoretical and practical sessions, with professional instructors providing high-quality teaching materials and resources. The courses are designed to give students the skills they need to become proficient lash technicians, able to offer clients a variety of styles and treatments. All Lash Masterclass trainers have extensive experience in the field, ensuring that students learn from experts who know their craft inside out. Each course also includes a comprehensive kit of all the necessary tools and products for carrying out successful lash extensions treatments. Lash Masterclass also offers one-on-one sessions and online courses, making it easy for students to access the education they need wherever they are.

Lash Masterclass is recognized around the world and offers its courses in many countries, including the United States. Its commitment to excellence has made it one of the most respected eyelash extension training providers in the industry. It is known for providing high-quality education and materials, as well as up-to-date techniques and knowledge that enable students to become high-performance, certified eyelash technicians. With Lash Masterclass, students can be sure that they will receive all the necessary skills and resources to help them succeed in their career.

The content of the training step by step

Master the techniques of poses Lash to Lash and Russian Volume

Master the techniques of poses : Lash to Lash and Russian Volume

In this section you will learn the technical aspects of eyelash extensions.

Tools and products
Patch test
Getting ready for your first extension application
Cleansing the eyelashes
Tweezers presentation
How to hold tweezers
Isolate the natural lash
How to grab your eyelash extension with the tweezers
What to know about the adhesive
How to use your adhesive
Dip the eyelash extension in adhesive
Different types of eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions mapping
Classic eyelash extensions
Apply classic eyelash extensions 1d
Human model full set application
Human model application with shorter lashes
Volume eyelash extensions 2d-3d technique
Tweezers used for one by one volume eyelash extensions
How to apply volume eyelash extensions one by one
Touch-up or refill
Eyelash extensions removal
Master the theoretical knowledge

Master the theoretical knowledge

In this section you will learn the theorical aspects of eyelash extensions.

Understanding natural lashes
What are layers
Clients expectations
Damaging natural lashes
Factors that affect natural lash cycle
Consent forms
Lash cycle
Baby lashes
Gaps in lash line
Eye Disorders and Contraindications
Things that affect lash extensions
Allergies and Irritation
What causes irritation
Sensitive and hypoallergenic glues
How to soothe eye and prevent irritation
Eye bruising and chemical burn
Difference between the 3 levels of disinfection
Solutions to disinfect tools
Remove glue residue off your tweezers
Types of Eyelash Extensions
Difference between real mink, faux mink and silk
Classic lashes vs. flat lashes
Length, Curl and Diameter
What are classic and volume lashes?
Recommended diameters for classic lashes vs. volume lashes
What are hybrid lashes
Different lash curls and the effect they have on the eye
What is the clients lashes length
How much is safe to extend
How to add length without causing damage
How to make lashes look thicker
Eye Styling

Eye Styling

In this section, you will learn how to style your client’s eyes according to her desires and the look of her face and eyes.

Eye Shapes
Recognizing different eye shapes
Natural growth of lashes and how it affects the result
Lash Styles
Simplified lash styling
Mapping for different lash styles
Industry misconception with the middle of the eye
Inner Corner Lashes
Lashing inner corner lashes vs. lashing all of them
Get a smooth transition
Layers in natural lashes and layering extensions
Non layered set vs. layered set
Labelling lashes when layering
What is an eyeliner look
Direction of Lashes
How to swoosh lashes on the outer corners
How to swoosh classics vs. swooshing volumes
Real life Examples
Examples on different clients with lash sets
Difference between regular volume and Russian volume
Learn to promote your activity on Instagram and take perfect picture

Learn to promote your activity on Instagram and take perfect picture

In this section, you’ll learn how to promote your eyelash extensions business on social networks to attract more customers.

How To Take Pictures
The importance of photo taking for Instagram
How bad photos can make the most beautiful work look bad
Photoshoot Setup
Set up a photo shooting area
Getting rid of extra shadows that ring lights alone cant get rid of
Difference between iPhone and DSLR cameras
Ssing tripods to help take pictures
Ringlight vs. Glamcor
How to angle your light source to get the best lighting
Using video light to get even better lighting
Taking pictures on your lash bed
Photo Angles
How to take before and after pictures
Head positioning of the model
Capturing angles that compliment both your model and your work
Photo Editing
Editing yourself vs. outsourcing
How to edit yourself using apps
Difference between natural editing and over editing
Before and after examples and the impact editing has on your photos
Watermark your photos

Certification Benefits

Why is eyelash extension certification necessary?

Getting an eyelash extensions training certificate is becoming increasingly popular among beauty professionals. Eyelash extensions are a growing trend in the beauty industry, and having a certification from an accredited school or academy can open up new opportunities for those wanting to pursue a career in this field. A certified lash technician is able to offer their clients high quality services with safety and confidence.

A certified eyelash extension professional has had comprehensive training on all aspects of the treatment including the application process, aftercare advice and different types of lashes available. This ensures that their clients receive only the highest standard of service which meets industry standards. Certified technicians have knowledge about how to properly maintain sanitary practices such as sterilization of tools and supplies between each client. They understand the importance of providing clear instructions regarding proper aftercare so that their clients can keep their extensions looking beautiful longer while avoiding any potential damage or discomfort caused by improper use or maintenance.

Having an official certification also allows lash technicians to be listed on professional websites such as Yelp and Google where they can gain more visibility amongst potential customers who may not have heard about them otherwise. With this additional exposure comes increased chances for gaining more business through referrals and repeat customers who will come back again knowing they are getting quality service from a trusted source.

The need for an eyelash technician license gives customers peace of mind that everyone involved knows the safe techniques for fitting eyelash extensions correctly, without the risk of injury or infection due to poor hygiene practices or a lack of understanding of the procedure to be followed. By taking the time to get trained properly through an accredited program, you can be sure that your skillset will always be up-to-date with current trends in order to provide your customers with top-notch services every single time!

lash masterclass certification benefits

Eyelash Extension Profit Potential

eyelash artist salary

The earning potential for lash technicians can vary significantly depending on their location, experience level, and type of service they offer. A skilled technician who is well established in the beauty industry can expect to earn anywhere from $50 to $500 per appointment. Those with less experience may earn closer to the lower end of this range while more experienced professionals may be able to charge more. Offering additional services such as brow styling or makeup application will also help increase a technician’s income potential.

Lash technicians who choose to open their own salon or studio may have even greater earning potential as they are no longer limited by hourly wages set by employers and instead determine their own prices based on market demand and competition in the area. By way of example, some lash salons offer “lash packages” which include multiple applications at a discounted rate that attracts customers looking for value-priced services. Other salons focus on high-end services and target an upscale clientele willing to pay premium prices for luxury experiences. By tailoring offerings and pricing models according to local preferences, lash technicians can maximize their earnings in the long run without sacrificing quality of service or customer satisfaction.

Becoming a certified eyelash extension technician provides an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking flexible hours while earning competitive wages in a growing field within the beauty industry. With dedication and hard work it is possible for skilled professionals with specialized training and business savvy marketing skills alike -to achieve success in this lucrative profession!

Career opportunities for an eyelash technician

eyelash technician career opportunities

As an eyelash technician, you have the opportunity to work in various settings, including salons, spas, or even freelancing from home. Depending on your workplace and experience level, salaries typically range from $50 to $100 per hour, plus tips. If you opt for freelancing, you’ll have the flexibility to set your own rates and hours, but it will necessitate additional marketing efforts to attract clients.

To become an eyelash technician, completing a certified training course is crucial for insurance coverage, protecting against potential damages resulting from negligence or improper technique. On the other hand, getting started in this profession is increasingly accessible thanks to the many financing options available for eyelash extension training courses. During these courses, students learn about health and safety regulations related to working techniques for applying eyelash extensions correctly using sterile tools and professional products.

Becoming an experienced professional requires practice and dedication. Access to online support groups with other lash professionals is invaluable, as they offer advice, share experiences, showcase new trends, and provide reviews of various products. This support accelerates the development of aspiring lash technicians’ skills and helps them build confidence when working with customers who entrust them with their eyes!

Career development opportunities for an eyelash technician are diverse and include paths such as specializing in advanced techniques, salon management, teaching and training, developing one’s own brand of eyelash products, working in the entertainment or fashion industry, as well as independent beauty consulting. These paths offer the opportunity to increase expertise, clientele and income, while exploring different aspects of the beauty industry.


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