Do You Have to Have a License to Do Eyelash Extensions?

Many people are now interested in learning how to apply eyelash extensions, but do you need a license to do so? This article will explore the requirements for obtaining an eyelash extension license and what you need to know before applying.

Do You Have To Have A License To Do Eyelash Extensions?

In most states, you do not need a license to do eyelash extensions, however some states may require that you have a specific type of license or certification in order to legally perform these services, whether at home or in a beauty salon. For example, in California and New York, it is necessary for lash technicians to be licensed cosmetologists or estheticians with medical licenses.

The state board of cosmetology typically oversees all aspects of licensing related to eyelash extension services and they will have specific requirements that must be met before someone can become licensed as an eyelash technician. These requirements vary from state-to-state but usually include completing hours of training, passing an exam administered by the board, submitting an application for licensure along with other required documentation such as proof of training and any other documents needed by the state board in order for them to issue a valid license.

Is It Possible To Have An Eyelash Extensions Certification Without A Beauty License?

Yes! In many states, there is no requirement that lash technicians have any kind of beauty license or certification in order to offer their services legally. However, it is highly recommended that those offering these services obtain at least basic lash extension training so they can better understand the safety protocols associated with providing these services safely and professionally. Those who wish to become certified without obtaining a beauty license may want to consider taking the eyelash extensions training offered through Lash-Masterclass, which provides comprehensive training programs specifically designed for aspiring lash technicians looking to gain additional knowledge on how to properly apply lash extensions safely and effectively without having to go through the process of getting licensed through their state’s board of cosmetology/cosmetologist, esthetician medical program/license required program, etc.

eyelash extensions certification without beauty license

All states requirements to practice eyelash extensions

AlabamaNo license required334-242-1918[email protected]
AlaskaCosmetologist/hairdresser, Esthetician907-465-2550[email protected]
ArizonaCosmetologist or Esthetician480-784-4539[email protected]
ArkansasCosmetologist, Esthetician or Barber501-682-2168[email protected]
CaliforniaCosmetologist or Esthetician800-952-5210[email protected]
ColoradoCosmetologist or Esthetician303-894-7700[email protected]
connecticutEyelash Technician license or Esthetician860-509-7603[email protected]
DelawareNo license required302-744-4500[email protected]
FloridaCosmetologist, full specialist or facial specialist850-487-1395[email protected]
GeorgiaMaster Cosmetologist or Esthetician844-753-7825 (E-mail form)
HawaiiEsthetician, Cosmetologist, or Barber808-586-2694[email protected]
IdahoNo license required208-334-3233[email protected]
IllinoisCosmetologist or Esthetician1-888-473-4858 (E-mail form)
IndianaCosmetologist or Esthetician317-234-3031[email protected]
IowaCosmetologist or Esthetician515-281-7689[email protected].
KansasCosmetologist or Esthetician785-296-3155[email protected]
KentuckyCosmetologist, Esthetician, Eyelash Extension Permit502-564-4262 (E-mail form)
LouisianaCosmetologist or Esthetician866-257-7901[email protected]
MaineCosmetologist or Esthetician207-624-8603[email protected]
MarylandNo license required410-230-6192[email protected]
MassachusettsCosmetologist or Esthetician617-727-9940[email protected]
MichiganCosmetologist or Esthetician517-241-9288[email protected],4601,7-154-89334_72600_72602_72731_72864---,00.html
MinnesotaCosmetologist, Esthetician, or Eyelash Technician License651-201-2742[email protected]
MississippiCosmetologist or Esthetician601-359-1820 (E-mail form)
MissouriState is unable to advise, no regulations found in state statutes573-751-1052[email protected]
MontanaCosmetologist or Esthetician406-444-6880[email protected]
NebraskaCosmetologist or Esthetician402-471-2117[email protected]
NevadaCosmetologist or Esthetician702-486-6542[email protected]
New HampshireCosmetologist or Esthetician603-271-3608[email protected]
New JerseyCosmetologist or Esthetician973-504-6400[email protected]
New MexicoCosmetologist or Esthetician505-476-4622[email protected]
New YorkCosmetologist or Esthetician518-474-4429[email protected]
North CarolinaCosmetologist or Esthetician919-736-6123[email protected]
North DakotaCosmetologist or Esthetician701-224-9800[email protected]
OhioCosmetologist or Esthetician614-466-3834[email protected]
OklahomaCosmetologist or Esthetician/Facialist405-521-2441[email protected]
OregonCosmetologist or Esthetician503-378-8667[email protected]
PennsylvaniaCosmetologist or Esthetician717-783-7130[email protected]
Rhode IslandCosmetologist or Esthetician401-222-7883[email protected]
South CarolinaCosmetologist or Esthetician803-896-4588[email protected]
South DakotaCosmetology or Esthetician plus 16 hours of eyelash extension training605-773-6193[email protected]
TennesseeCosmetologist or Esthetician615-741-2515[email protected]
TexasCosmetologist, Esthetician, Eyelash Extension Specialist, Esthetician/Manicurist (combination license; a manicurist cannot perform eyelash extensions), Cosmetology Instructor or Esthetician Instructor800-803-9202[email protected]
UtahCosmetologist or Esthetician801-530-6628[email protected]
VermontCosmetologist or Esthetician802-828-1134[email protected]
VirginiaCosmetologist or Esthetician804-367-8509[email protected]
Washington StateCosmetologist or Esthetician360-664-6626[email protected]
Washington DCCosmetologist or Esthetician866-270-9817[email protected]
West VirginiaCosmetologist or Esthetician304-558-2924[email protected]
WisconsinNo license required/Salons are regulated608-266-2112[email protected]
WyomingCosmetologist or Esthetician307-777-3534[email protected]

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Can A Certified Lash Tech Certify Someone Else?

It depends on what kind of certification they hold – if they have received professional certification from Lash-Masterclass, then yes! Their course will provide all the necessary information needed to certify someone else as long as they meet all the required criteria set forth by their course provider (which includes successful completion of the course). However, if certified via another program, then they might not be able to certify others, depending on whether or not their certification allows them this privilege. The best thing to do is to check directly with the provider regarding exact details regarding what privileges come along with your particular certification/program prior to attempting to certify anyone else yourself!

Become A Professional Lash Tech With

Lash-Masterclass offers comprehensive courses specifically designed to help aspiring professionals learn everything necessary about performing safe and effective eyelash extension services without having to obtain traditional beauty licensure/certification from their local state board of cosmetology/cosmetologist, esthetician medical program, etc. Their course provides detailed instruction covering topics ranging from the basics of proper hygiene and sanitation techniques to correctly applying lashes, various types of products used during the procedure (i.e. glue, removers, etc.), up to advanced tips and tricks when it comes to creating beautiful looks that clients want to see! Plus, students also receive additional support and resources such as live video demonstrations and troubleshooting guidance after successfully completing the course – making it the perfect choice for anyone wanting to start a career as a professional lash technician today!